ITQ Certified Instructor / Lecturer Program

  • An ITQ certified instructor is any person officially recognized by the The Qualifications Development & Accreditation Division of the KPC as qualified to deliver professional ITQ courses in various training organizations. An ITQ certified instructor may open ITQ classes and be provided with ITQ-related information on an ongoing basis.

Qualifications for ITQ Certified Instructors

 Mandatory requirements  
  • - Any person given A grades for four or more ITQ subjects
    (where HaanSoft Hangul and MS Word subjects are deemed as a single subject)

  • - Any person who previously worked as an instructor in computer-related subjects for one year or more (or for two years or more where such person has no college degree) in IT training organizations, accredited schools, vocational schools or any other training organizations

    * Any person satisfying both of the conditions above may be registered as a certified instructor.
 Other conditions   Academic credentials
Holders of high school diplomas only   Any person holding a junior college degree or higher

     Two or more years of instructor experience

     * Any person holding an Information Processing Technician license or better, however, shall be deemed to have an additional one year of teaching experience.

      For example, any person holding a high school diploma only, having one year of teaching experience and an Information Processing Technician license may apply for a certified instructor.
     One more year of instructor experience

Certified Instructor approval procedure

  • An application for the certified instructor is accepted via Internet until the end of each month and processed, with a license mailed no later than the fifteenth day of the immediately following month. Please state an accurate address as licenses and gifts are mailed in parcels

Required attachments to application

  • Online application * No pictures are required if you are already signed up as an ITQ member.

    Photocopy of the diploma or degree certificates issued by the last schools.

    Career record certificate (or a certificate of employment); provided, however, that the certificate of employment
    shall be issued by the head of the applicable organization within the last three months, stating the term of
    employment or career (if the term of employment as stated on the certificate of employment is less than one year,
    the term of career shall be invariably evidenced by a career record certificate issued by the previous employer.)

    The certificate of employment may be replaced by a document in the form prescribed by the ITQ Center.
    ( Download the form of employment certificate.)

    * The degree certificate and the career record certificate shall be scanned and attached to the online application.