about Korea Productivity Center (KPC)

KPC, since its foundation in 1957, has played a pivotal role in increasing productivity of the industries to promote the rapid growth of the national economy. KPC is currently undertaking the following various services to support globalization efforts and new management innovation movements of the business enterprises to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  •   Nation-wide public services to increase productivity of the industries.
  •   Consulting services aimed to rationalize and innovate corporate management.
  •   Education and training of specialized personnel on all fields of business management.
  •   Guidance and education on factory automation and information system.
  •   Creditation for the quality and environment management systems such as ISO 9000 / ISO 14000.
  •   Research and survey to increase productivity for improving efficiency of the industrial policies of the government and corporate management, and development and dissemination of productivity improvement methods.
  •   Overseas training and international exchanges to secure manpower to effectively meet the needs of the globalizedage.