Qualifications Development & Accreditation Division

Over the last 20 years, Korea Productivity Center (KPC) has contributed to boosting digital literacy in Korea through the development of new certificate programs for members of local enterprises, governments and schools in order to enhance industrial advancement and self-development.

Information technology is becoming ever increasingly important in the modern era of globalization and information oriented society, where people need to be computer-literate in order to perform independently and be more productive in the work place. In this respect, KPC has been authorized and endorsed by the Korean government to provide a basic computer skills certification standard named ¡°ITQ (Information Technology Qualification)¡± since 2002. As a nationally authorized certificate, more than 2 million people have taken the ITQ certification exam.

Other certifications such as ¡°ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Information Manager¡± and ¡°GTQ (Graphic Technology Qualification)¡± have more than ten thousand applicants taking the tests every year. These two certifications have also been recognized and endorsed by the government such as ITQ in 2009. This status will help KPC to serve more people in various fields and boost their productivity.

Most recently, KPC has launched ¡°ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)¡± in 2008 to broaden the opportunity for Koreans to have an internationally recognized certification. Since ICDL contains various levels of information technology certifications for all citizens and it is suitable for people of all ages, work discipline and industry, it has been adopted by Korea¡¯s top universities, corporations, and private vocational training centers. KPC is proud of its contribution to Korean society by building a consistent and standardized level of knowledge of computer skills through the globally recognized certification programs.

Moreover, in order to motivate and foster better productivity, KPC annually holds the iTOP (IT On Productivity) Competition that is available to employees, government officers, students, and teachers. It is the biggest competition in Korea which tests an individual¡¯s IT knowledge and proficiency. KPC is the only sponsor for this competition and also covers the cost for those candidates who apply for this competition. Those who acquire top scores can get awards from various ministries including Korea¡¯s Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Administration & Security.